Water 4.0

Sora Water – grey to potable reuse

Mother nature knows best. With ease and simplicity, nature purifies water in many restorative ways. In designing the Sora Water Recycler, we have mimicked natural processes of water filtration, from babbling creeks to slow flowing wetlands, to create a simpler and less wasteful means of recycling and purifying water in homes.

All systems that attempt to recycle/reuse water from appliances that exist today utilize water purifying/recycling methods that require lots of maintenance and care; from replacing expensive filters to having to keep a close eye on everything. This is why the Sora stands apart from existing water recycling, and it tries to mimic the effortless processes that occur in nature.

The Sora Water Recycler uses technology that does not need any expensive replacement parts or costly maintenance. It is designed to self-regulate itself and allow you to effortlessly reuse a large percentage of your water from appliances (excluding toilets) and create drinkable water simultaneously.